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Save Your Money - Expensive Strains Not Worth It; Pineapple Express Delivery

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  • Save Your Money - Expensive Strains Not Worth It; Pineapple Express Delivery

    I had been seeing the Delta 9 products both on their website as well as on Tweed's website. Tweed's price was higher, but they had more selection of what I wanted so I ordered from them. I had been seeing the Delta 9 Premium indica hybrid strain Cloud Nine with a THC content of 20% to 24% which is great. But the price, both at Delta 9 and Tweed, are a bit of a deterrent. I decided to finally give it a try as my curiosity was getting the better of me. I paid $67.99 for 3.5 grams (yes, you read that right).

    I knew as soon as I opened it that I had made a big mistake. While the smell was nice and skunky, there were only three highly compressed buds inside. I used my grinder and the entire 3.5 grams just managed to fill it (usually 3.5 grams is too much to fit because it's fluffier). The taste is good and I did get a good buzz but I can get that from Chocolate Fondue or any number of the Doja strains I've tried and they don't cost $67.99 per eighth! I enjoy the Broken Coast strains which are more reasonable at $47 per 3.5 grams (still higher than the street but not by that much) and the previously mentioned Doja strains that are $44 per 3.5 grams. I always go for the higher THC as I am a night owl and I tend to end up sleeping better with those type of strains.

    As for the Pineapple Express delivery service, I have not one negative thing to say. Often I have put my order in for a later delivery as I never know when I will be awake for sure but my hubby is home after five so I usually go for that time. Many times I have been contacted to see if I can accept my package earlier which is so appreciated on the days when I can accept early delivery but if I don't respond, they know to bring it at the scheduled time. The prices vary depending on where you order from and where you're located. Where I live, I am quite a way aways so I generally pay $12.95 from Tokyo Smoke and Delta 9 but when I order from Tweed and it's over $100, I only pay for the portion outside their delivery area which is $2.85. Regardless of what I pay or who brings my order, the delivery drivers are fantastic - personable, professional and always smiling. I've had Shaun, Eric, Nathan and I think Paul all bring me packages and all off them were awesome to deal with.