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Seeking others opinion on strain.

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  • Seeking others opinion on strain.

    My first post and I would like to use it for the reason of seeing if I could hear from other recreational users if they have tried the Strain Moonbeam from Tweed.

    I have been purchasing many of their strains to good satisfaction and then I tried Moonbeam for the reason that the regular one that I purchase was not available in small quantities.

    So I tried a 3.5 gram of Moonbeam and from soon as I opened it I thought I could detect a slight musty mildew odor.

    It’s in the taste to when I pipe.

    Tweed said it was the terpene Myrcene.

    Has anyone else tried it and what was your opinion?

    Going to see if there is a Governmental agency that could teat it.

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    Did you find anything out? It looks like Tweed isn't currently offering this one, at least online.


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      I had the same experience with Moonbeam - it was awful! I couldn't even finish it so I gave it to a friend. I prefer to shop around and check all three shops - Delta 9,
      Tweed and Tokyo Smoke. So far, Tokyo Smoke has the best selection of my favourites - check out the Broken Coast varieties if you haven't already and Chocolate Fondue is great as well. I also enjoy the pre-rolls when I can get them...the Solei ones are my favourites so far.


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        I love pink is what it is. My tolerance is so high I need something with a bang!!