Hello i just found this board and i really hope there will be more that join as i think this is an amazing idea.

Well on to my review

A couple of months back i ordered some Gold Kush and it was absolutely amazing. Very high THC and next to nothing on the CBD side. I would say this is one of the best products i have tried in a long time. This is how CannTrust describes it.
Gold Kush is known for high THC levels and potent effects. The flowers produced by this strain are somewhat small, yet compact and quite dense. Hints of blue and purple are nestled in the deep green buds, obscured by the heavy coating of frosty trichomes.
I totally agree!

As for my experience ordering online , it was simple and straight forward. I chose the same day delivery option via Trust Delivery. As for there service i would rather not comment as since then i have only used Canada Post.

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