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Review of Durga Mata II

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  • Review of Durga Mata II

    We are busy parents with high stress jobs and were looking for something more medicinal in nature. For this reason we chose to try Durga Mata II from Namaste for its high CBD Content and it was exactly what we were looking for.

    Its a very mild high, mostly just mellow and relaxing. The body stone was definitely perceptible but there was no couch lock. I would say it’s perfect for unwinding and relieving stress at the end of the day without slowing you down too much. We both felt happy and relaxed. I think this will be our go-to strain for day to day anxiety and stress. I have not tried it for pain as of yet, but I suspect it would also work well for that.

    The product itself was fairly smooth to smoke (we used a water bong) but the buds were extremely dry and crumbly right out of the sealed package. From prior experience, those containers are not air tight at all and we have moved it to a jar lest it get too stale. I think the packaging needs to be reworked.

    We purchased from Delta 9 and had it delivered with Pineapple Express. Overall we were happy with both the effects of the product and the service. Yay for legalization!