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  • lady jane express rip-off

    Hello, what is the best way to tell people what is going on with the thieves of Lady jane express they rip me off over $1,200.00
    there is there answer
    Lady Jane Express <[email protected]>

    24 juil. 2020 09:26

    Hi Alain

    We are watching the situation closely, we have not forgotten about you.

    Unfortunately it looks like a Canada Post has seized the merchandise and we won’t be able to get it back.

    This is not our fault in any way and we have no control over these circumstances, Canada Post seizing both packages.

    We are waiting for our Supervisor to come back, he will decide what resolution is appropriate.

    Please be patient we should have an answer for you early next week on what we can do


    Mike LJE team

    Second communication from Lady Jane

    27 juil. 2020 22:22

    Hi Alain

    We are very sorry about the time it took to investigate your case, this is a complex case and it took some time to investigate and have management review the situation and arrive at a fair compromise.

    It looks like both your orders-15906 and 15958 have been seized by Canada Post and are being held.

    One option you have is contacting Canada Post and trying to fight this absurd injustice, and demanding to pick up your legal weed.

    This happened through no fault of our own, we packaged the shipment discreetly and input your correct shipping address. But for some strange and unfortunate reason it was seized.

    We are a small business and can’t afford to absorb this loss completely but we are also willing to meet you halfway.

    If you send us half the amount of the order $669 , we are willing to reship the whole order to you again ASAP.

    We will also use a different shipper this time , UPS or FED EX, and will absorb the higher shipping costs.

    These couriers offer more secure shipping options , so you are almost guaranteed to get your order delivered this time.

    We know this is not a perfect solution, and we realize you are out more money, but we think it is a fair resolution under a situation that is not our fault, we hope you can find this fair as well.

    Please let us know what you think.



    LJE team

    That it, I got rip off

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    They are not a legal company.